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If you need help immediately, or wish to speak to a LOCATE: referral specialist,
call 877.261.0060. 


    Responsibility for selecting and employing a child care provider rests with each parent.  LOCATE: Child Care cannot guarantee the quality of providers in its files and urges parents to carefully interview and check references before leaving a child in care. A referral from LOCATE: Child Care does not constitute a recommendation as to the quality of care.
    A provider profile may contain a link to the provider’s website. When you use such a link you are no longer on our website. LOCATE: Child Care cannot control, endorse or be responsible for the content of provider websites.
    All providers listed in LOCATE: Child Care are regulated or approved by the Maryland State Department of Education or certified by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. When LOCATE: Child Care identifies child care program options for parents, it means only that the programs identified are regulated by the appropriate agency and have met the criteria that agency sets forth. The responsibility for providing LOCATE: Child Care with accurate listings of regulated providers/programs rests with the appropriate agencies.

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