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Introducing MMSR 2013!

The Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR) is an innovative approach to training child care providers in the readiness criteria for public school. MMSR training became available in 1998 as a pilot program funded by a grant from the Baltimore Gas & Electric Foundation, included as partners Maryland State Department of Education, Head Start Collaboration Office of OCYF, Villa Julia College, and Maryland Family Network. Maryland Family Network was approached by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to be the lead partner in this effort. MCC and MSDE have worked together on a number of significant issues over the past few years, including the development of a plan for the improvement of the child care field by addressing issues such as career opportunities, defining basic knowledge and skills necessary to help children make the most of their formative years, and recognizing the need to address articulation of coursework between two- and four-year institutions of higher education as well as training successfully completed outside of those institutions by non-traditional students. The other partners, Head Start and Villa Julie College, were also invited to participate in order to make sure (in the case of Head Start) that the pilot included all types of care for children, and to allow (in the case of Villa Julie College) providers of care to take training for college credit if they wished.

The Maryland Model for School readiness pilot represented the first time in the United States that a state department of education worked with an early childhood advocacy group in addressing the needs of the community. Participants in the pilot went through an interactive series of training modules that allowed them to identify and understand the needs of young children, created the opportunity for providers of care to analyze their learning environment and reflect on its impact on children, and offered the tools to help child care providers modify their environment and their classroom practice. Our experience with the pilot version of MMSR training confirmed that regardless of the level of education, experience, or background in training, child care providers of all types and abilities benefit from this model.

In 2013 the Maryland Model for School Readiness was revised from nine, six hour modules to five, six hour modules. MMSR 2013 places a greater focus on working with culturally and ethnically diverse children, families, and staff members as well an extended emphasis on working with children with special needs. School readiness remains the essential focus of MMSR. This high-quality, highly interactive training modules build upon one another through the use of case studies, curriculum, and instruction in ways that significantly improve school readiness goals for young children. The five module training series continues to use trainer presentation as a guide for each module. However, much of the "instruction" is done by way of small group activities and discussions, encouraging individuals to discuss elements of their programs and appropriateness of practice. Additionally, through use of handouts, journaling of practice and "homework" assignments, each participant has a very individual experience working through concerns specific to their program.

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Maryland Model For School Readiness (MMSR) 2013-Information concerning helping young children prepare for their education.

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