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Maryland Earned Income Credit Campaign

Maryland CASH Campaign: Creating Assets, Savings and Hope

Maryland Refundable EIC is worth $40 million more this tax season; Expanded to include childless houesholds

Governor O'Malley and the General Assembly expanded the Maryland refundable earned income credit (REIC) during the Special Session in November 2007, increasing the REIC from 20% to 25% of the federal EIC and extending the REIC to taxpayers without "qualifying children." Taxpayers will benefit from these changes when they file taxes on income earned in 2008.

The Maryland EIC Campaign is a statewide public awareness campaign coordinated by Maryland Family Network. Partners in the campaign include nonprofit organizations, state and local government agencies, and businesses.

The Maryland CASH Campaign is a partnership of local free tax preparation programs that are spearheading the effort to bring free tax preparation services and asset development opportunities to all Maryland jurisdictions.